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You lost some points unfortunately...

I don't know what's up, I have the latest version of Flash player and I just restarted my cpu but for some reason the song will only play for maybe 10 secs then cut off, leaving only the animation. I tried to get around this by pausing it and playing it again and it does the same thing. Other than that, I'm sure it was great.

Sorry about my fanboy-ism...

I have to say that there's problems. For one, the marine's suits, you made them pretty straight-edged when the suits in StarCraft are really rounded. Also, the voice acting was pretty bad, along with the mouth animation. Sound quality of the voices was barely above terrible. Also, the animation in general could have used some work, I like that you took the time to do some 3D stuff but alot of the regular animation could have been touched up a bit.

Sorry to hit you with such a negative comment, but thisreally needed work.

LogFish responds:

It's alright man, comments are fine, but I don't think your score is warranted - but this happens when it's on frontpage heh, and that's quiet alright. Your choice anyway. Your review pretty much says improve everything. .. I'm going to improve some things, heh.

Aww... Man...

You kicked off The Ultimate Showdown from front page [onwhich it had stayed for almost 5 months] just to put this up? It's not that good man, I'm only happy that it wasn't that long...

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Perfection: Achieved

I'm so addicted to it. But its a good addiction. There's really nothing that can be fixed, it's perfect.

It was really good.

Two problems:
-The Second level is a thousand times harder than the first.
-Far too many grammatical errors, it really took away from its kick-assery...


It could be better, it needs way more weapons. Also, the heavy metal got really annoying, I enjoy metal but that wasn't that great.

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